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Father’s Day – A Holiday to Honor

Father’s Day is a holiday observed in the United States to honor fathers,
fatherhood, and other paternal figures like grandfathers, stepfathers, and
uncles. It is observed on the third Sunday in June.
In the early 20th century there was a mining accident in West Virginia that
killed almost 400 men. A push for a day to remember the men killed, who
were mostly husbands and fathers, was the start of a push for a national
holiday. This was in 1908. It wasn’t until 1972, however, that Father’s Day was
recognized by law as a national holiday. This is due in part to the fact that
people were resistant to what they saw as another overly invented holiday
meant to just make people spend money. It wasn’t seen as a way to
remember the dead or to honor living fathers and father figures. People
weren’t entirely wrong. Organizations representing men’s clothing
manufacturers put in a lot of money for the holiday to become popular.
Like Mother’s Day, it indeed is a holiday that has become highly
commercialized. There are greeting cards to mark the day, and stores
advertise gifts for Dad. These gifts traditionally include electronics, ties, and
tools. In schools, children often make cards and other gifts. Father’s Day is not
a federal holiday even though it is widely celebrated. Some of the ways
Father’s Day is celebrated is with meals, especially barbecues since the
holiday falls at the beginning of the summer.


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